Just Released on Metroplolis Record Group
Frank Carillo and The Bandoleros
'Railroad To Kingdom Come

Rail To Kingdom Come
  'Rail To Kingdom Come' has finally been released. The long awaited CD can be purchased on,, iTunes and any media market out there. Here's More!

  Track Listing

 1.  Rail to Kingdom Come
 2.  All Go Wrong
 3.  Whisky Lady
 4.  Common Ground
 5.  Pipe & the Flame
 6.  Greed as Art
 7.  Push the River
 8.  Anything for You
 9.  No One Wear's a Crown for You
10. Trouble Comes in Threes
11. Holy River
12. In Too Deep
13. When Will This Plane Land?

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Released on Vox Verite Records
Frank Carillo and The Bandoleros
'Live From The Cutting Room, NYC'

Live From The Cutting Room NYC

We are currently releasing a new Live Digital Disc Called "Live From The Cutting Room NYC" Featuring Frank Carillo and The Bandoleros.

Usually a live record is recorded over multiple gigs but this disc is recorded in one night. Recorded and mixed by our producer Paul Orofino. It is only available as a digital disc, but if you want CDs will be coming soon!

This one goes out to all our fans and friends. Especially those in my hometown of New York City. We had alot of fun making this disc and will be looking forward to the hard copies in the future.

You can listen to it on Youtube and buy just one song or the cd by clicking here.

Track Listing

1. The Jesus Lizard (Live)
2. The Way Out (Live)
3. With Her Pajamas On (Live)
4. All in Chains (Live)
5. August Moon (Live)
6. Chapel Street (Live)
7. Eastern Time (Live)
8. Roll the Bones (Live)

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